A visual representation of goal setting

A Mantra is a phrase or word that is repeated as a form of meditation, manifestation, or goal. The mantras that I create are usually my own inventions, but a few are common phrases that I have encountered elsewhere. Once I’ve settled on the phrase I want to work with, I then take the written form of the word or phrase of the mantra and break it apart into the letter shapes.

Those shapes are then reassembled in a new way that conveys other visual meanings that relate to the feeling or concept of the mantra. The goal is to create an image that is simple enough that it can be easily recalled by memory. The visual designs can then be used in a similar way of speaking the mantra by drawing the shapes and focusing on the feelings the image invokes, making the mantra a multi-sensory and immersive experience. Visual designs like this are sometimes also known as sigils.

I’ve chosen to render the images in the style of ink brush strokes to suggest the action of drawing. I would be delighted if you want to use these designs for personal use as part of your self care routine. Please do not reproduce my designs for profit.  If you would like to commission a mantra that is meaningful to you, please reach out for a quote!