Team leadership

Library art gallery

My Role
Program director
Jan - Feb 2018

Library artists to gallery experience

The goal was to empower patrons of the library to explore an artistic project from beginning to finish and have the experience of displaying it in a gallery setting.

I organized the event from scratch and guided the art process for each individual. I worked with the marketing department so that we could advertise the gallery and give it a cohesive feel. The event had many moving parts. I had to find a professional photographer to photograph the artist's work so they could use it in a digital space. We created a gallery display in a space that was reserved for it in our library. We had to bring the community in for the opening night gallery experience.

Art process

  • Each individual chose medium of their choice
  • I created tutorials about the use of the medium as well as the composition
  • Mentored artists throughout their art project

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